Voting center for stakeholders to take surveys at Ada Economy

Surveys and voting methods will be used to collect stakeholder opinions and desires. This Survey page is Under construction - it will be used to collect inputs from Ada stake pool users. The technology used here is Lime Survey. There does not seem to be a really good way to both authenticate users and allow for anonymity at the same time. Let's see how well this survey method works.

Current plans are the surveys will only be created in English.

Selecting the Survey button will open a new window to a Lime Survey form here on this web site.

The information you enter here is stored on the Ada Economy web site and may be used to create summaries to be published for review by the people delegating stake. Some of the survey types use cookies, record time and track ip addresses in order to minimize spam.

This is a sample survey page to test collecting user inputs for Cardano Improvement Proposals and feedback to Ada Economy. Would you like to take a sample survey now?

This web site uses cookies to improve page loading performance using the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN). Taking a survey stores your IP address and a timestamp to reduce duplicate entries.

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